jueves, 30 de agosto de 2012

Statistical test

The homework is now testing my random key that I created the last week.

I have selected some random testing that I have used in this post.

First I generated 10 keys and created a file with all the keys, this file will be the input for the tests. This capture don't show all the file because this is very long.

I apply the monobit test and my 4 files passed, and this means that the secuency in that the 0 and 1 repeat are not predictable:

And then I applied the run test but, this didn't pass the test:

The next test is I made a compress my file, and this is the result:

So, we don't have security keys, because the file is compressed 16%.

In conclusion we can say that my keys are not secure because only passed 1 test of 3.

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  1. It would have been useful to combine this into a single program so that you could run tests on any input file to determine whether it's sufficienty random. 6 pts.